About Us

It was a sunny day in Cornwall and the boys and girls were hanging out with their friends at the beach. Winston was looking for a tennis ball to chase, Minnie, Albert, Archie and Peanut were chasing random joggers, as usual, and Boris and Lilly were making friends and thinking about their next meal. Nelson instead chose to chill at home and happily soak up the rays, enjoying his peaceful solitude. Their world was good... but it could be better.
Not that their two-legged "parents" didn’t spoil them as best they could. In fact, they took them on camping trips most weekends where they went for long swims. They also took them on long leisurely walks on the beach and even encouraged them to regularly snooze on their "people" sofas, beds and anything else that was once considered "off-limits."
But because humans are, well, only human, they wanted to give them more. So their "parents" sniffed out the most blingiest and groovy dog attire for dog loving people and meticulously researched the finest dog pampering products to ensure their four-legged family members live the longest, smell the lushest and look the best.
So what was the result of their "parents'" industrious research and careful planning?  In exchange for their unconditional love, fresh and not-so-fresh kisses and wags of joy at every greeting... Nelson, Minnie and Albert got their ultimate dream: Dog Bling.